Our wonderful customers are the reason why we do this work. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.
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Haj is a wonderful experience and you have to leave it to see it. The Fifth Pillar team members were there every step of the way to make it an even better experience. – Aougab (2017)

Best accommodations, great service from fifth pillar Staff. -Ahmed (2017)

I honestly do not have adequate words to express my gratitude to Fifth Pillar organizers. I could not have asked for a better hajj experience. The organizer were attentive to the needs of the group throughout the journey and did a remarkable job making a challenging journey smooth and easy. -Unus (2017)

Would highly recommend traveling with this group!. -Baqai (2017)

The fifth pillar was an amazing group to go with. The organizers were available before the trip, during the trip, and even wanted feedback after the trip. I have no complaints and only good things to say. -Shareef (2017)

I found the organizers very approachable and friendly. They were calm even when it got tough. The organizers genuinely cared about the group as if it was their own family. -Fariduddin (2017)

Had a great time in Mecca and Medinah. Loved the spritual lectures of our Imams. Overall the dedication, patience and efforts of Sajjad and his team. If time permits, I will definitely go with this orgnized group. -Haidari (2017)

If you want a Hajj experience with a peace of mind that all the logistics will be taken care of properly and if any issue happens, it will also get taken care of, then Fifth Pillar is who you should consider. The overall experience wouldn’t have been the same if we didn’t have the Fifth Pillar team right by our side handling everything, both expected and unexpected events. They were super patient, very kind and always caring. Having Imam Majid to help lead us and tell us stories and walking thru rituals as well as giving us insights into the life of the Prophet, made everything that much better! From all the conference calls to in person meetings, expectations were well set, and all the resources and information provided really helped us prepare for the journey and what to expect. Highly recommend the Fifth Pillar especially if you are looking for a true spiritual experience during Hajj. -Saleem (2017)

I have had a splendid time during my hajj trip. The organizers and Imams made this so unique trip that I felt literally , even among all million hajjis ,as if I am the only one doing it. They were very responsible, very accommodating, and very sincere to utmost level to make the hajj trip a genuine spiritual trip. Of course sometimes things go wrong , processes etc.. but that was totally out of the organizers hand.  Finally, the experience encountered in this hajj journey would stay way deep in my heart and in my mind for ever and for sure Insha’Allah I will go again if Allah permits and if I did, Insha’Allah it has to be with same organizers….these are the best to take care of hajjis. – ElMoufti

The content organizers (Sajjad, Imam Maged, and friends) were all extremely professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and most important patient. Truly, their easy dispositions and cool heads in the face of expected unexpected events, irritant hajji's, and their own fatigues – served as effective examples to all of us and helped all of us complete our hajj obligations. Bless them and I hope to share my hajj with them again someday. – Tajuddin

Accommodations were good. All of you did a good job. May Allah bless you all.

Loved the Ziyarahs and the fact that there were workshops every day. Enjoyed the separate Khutbah for the sisters while in Arafat. The step by step Hajj/Umrah handout was very helpful. Overall everything was very well organized. – Toor Family

Had a great time in Madinah. Alhamdulillah great location, good food, excellent speeches/sessions/handouts! You all did a good job managing surprises. The accommodations and the separate Khutbah for the sisters in Arafat were amazing. The hotel in Makkah is like a palace to us now.

The accommodations in Madinah were very satisfactory. Arafat was extremely relaxing. The service in Mina was excellent, good food, and cleanliness. Br. Mohammad, Sajjad, Shahzad, and Abdullah were friends and helpful. The treated everybody fairly and with respect. Sheikh McKenzie and Imam Ash- Sharif were excellent choices. Both were knowledgeable and friendly and helped raise the groups morale. The Zamzam water was a great gift.

Alhamdulillah no complaints, everything was fine. We thank everyone as they were helping everyone, when the hotel management could not be so accommodating. Arafat was a lot more than we expected.  Especially with kids we were able to live like at home. Mina was again more then what we were expecting. Makkah was Alhamdulillah awesome, thanks to all of you, especially Sajjad and Shahzad.

May Allah reward all brothers and sisters who helped us. Especially Mohammad AlSharief, Sajjad and Shahzad.

Outstanding effort by Zamzam organizers who have gone out of their way to accommodate people, and mitigate as much as they could from the chaotic Saudi system. May God reward them all. – Khalifa Family

Madina was very well planned, great Ziyarah trip w/ Sheikh McKenzie, above average hotel, very relaxing. Muzdalifa was very well coordinated. The tent locations in Mina were awesome. The hotel in Makkah was great, the food was good as well. MashaAllah the organizers were great. From the time we arrived at JFK, they introduced themselves, and gave great direction. May Allah (swt) bless Br. Raja, Abdullah, Sajjad, Shahzad, Shad and all those that made this such a wonderful trip. The program was solid; the Shayukh approachable and any "behind the scene" drama were not made known to us, and for that we are grateful.

Overall trip was excellent. Organizer and leaders went out of their way to help and resolve issues. May Allah give them great rewards.

I love Madinah – look back it was very peaceful, relaxing & close to the Mosque. Highly recommend staying in Medina before Umrah/Hajj. Arafat was nice, although roughing it, it was relaxing. Plenty of water and fruit available. Bathrooms (women) were plentiful and clean. Muzdalifa was a humbling experience. In Mina the women had a great bonding experience. Makkah was excellent as well; the timing for Umrah was good, because it was cooler and less crowded. The organizers were friendly, knowledgeable, patient and organized and always updating us on what to expect. Absolutely No Complaints!  Madinah was a great time, thank Allah and you all. Arafat was unexpected, and was very nice and comfortable to spend great time for ebadah. The accommodations in Makkah very nice, and relaxing.

Thanks for making our Hajj a wonderful experience, May Allah swt bless you and all the organizers for all the hard work. – Mansuri Family