• Breakfast and dinner buffets will be provided in the hotels
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner boxed meals will be provided in Mena
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat

As well as these core features and services:

  • Dedicated assigned agent throughout the booking process as well as a dedicated group leader for your Hajj trip
  • Hajj tutorial sessions prior to your trip through a variety of webinars, live video sessions, conference calls and in-person seminars
  • Dedicated qualified Imams in each program to provide you spiritual guidance throughout your trip
  • Worry-free luggage management & transportation
  • Around the clock support from our team of staff to assist you

TFP provides you with the following:

  • Personalized Care Before/During/After the trip
  • Educational Hajj materials prior to trip
  • Ihrams for male pilgrims
  • Prayer rugs for female pilgrims
  • Zam Zam water to bring back home


  • Hajj draft fee ($350)
  • Sacrifice ($150)
  • KSA has introduced a 5% VAT and a 5% Municipality Tax as of January 2018.  The estimated cost for these taxes for this program is $350 per person.
  • If you performed Hajj in the last 5 years, the Ministry of Hajj is charging an additional fee of $535 per person
  • Domestic flight to international gateways